Sunday, March 8, 2015

What can you drink when you have the Flu?

I am on the mend from the FLU (viral meningitis) and a friend of mine was kind enough to bring me some Gatorade and crackers.  Unfortunately, it addition to replacing your electrolytes and hydrating your body it also fills your weakened body with sugar, toxic chemicals, dyes, additives and preservatives.  I really don't want a toxic overload in my body when I am trying to heal and repair it.  So, I came up with an alternative that tastes better and is much better for you.  I call it my homemade 100% Natural Hydrating Electrolyte Replacement Drink or NHERD. Hmm...maybe not the best acronym...well honestly I am a bit of a nerd so we will go with it.  This is not medical advice just a recipe so please consult your doctor for their expertise and advice.


6 cups of filtered water

3/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (the juice of about 4 lemons)
6 Tablespoons 100% pure Grade A Maple Syrup (NOT maple syrup for pancakes that is actually corn syrup of some type of refined sugar)
3/4 teaspoon of iodized salt

Mix all the ingredients together in a pitcher or container you can stir or shake really well as the salt an syrup will tend to sit on the bottom. 
The lemons provide Potassium, an essential nutrient used to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. A deficiency in potassium causes fatigue, irritability, and increased blood pressure.  The 100% Pure Maple Syrup provides polyphenols which are plant-based compounds that work as antioxidants. Syrup contains essential nutrients like zinc and manganese  Zinc keeps your level of white blood cells up, which is crucial for increasing your resistance to illness.  Manganese protects immune cells from inflammation and damage. Maple syrup also provides calories for energy while your are most likely lacking in caloric intake if you are unable to eat.

Your final product is a delicious, refreshing, hydrating, electrolyte balancing drink.  I hope you will be feeling better soon! 
xoxo ~Shawneen Nicole